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Secrets of the Persian Empire

A state located in southwestern Asia, iran travel guide helps you to plan for a trip. an island of relative stability and security in the otherwise turbulent and conflict-stricken region. In the north it is neighboring Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. In the east, its neighbors are Afghanistan and Pakistan. The list of neighboring states is currently being closed by the region, Iraq, the most disturbed country.

Iran has access to the Caspian Sea in the north, and to the south to the Persian gulf, which is part of the Indian Ocean. It is a relatively large and highly mountainous, mostly high altitude state, with significant mountainous areas (Elbroz in the north, Zagros in the southwest and the highlands in the central part of the Iranian highlands) and hence different climates in the individual regions. Book Iran holiday packages and even today, some of the secrets that are often difficult to understand, many of the western world media presented mostly not in good light, such is from the point of view of the unpretentious European of today's Iran. Thanks to its nuclear program, and therefore some international political and economic isolation, Iran is only a little touched by tourism compared to traditional European tourism destinations.

This is an incredibly varied land. And from many and many different perspectives. Let's recall only the incredible diversity of the countryside - the desert itself, with its many forms and oyster oaks, tens of kilometers away from the nearest towns, with ubiquitous, often bizarre arid mountain ranges around or even the tallest, ever snowy cone Damavand.

In sharp contrast, with its rice fields and tea plantations, the lush green coastal strip of the Caspian Sea or forests in the northwest, at the border with Turkey. With extremes of temperature and humidity, the Central European winds off the reality of the summer Gulf. The whole territory inhabits a number of different nationalities speaking their languages, boasting their culture and religion. A number of well-preserved monuments, often of world-wide significance, are complemented by an offer from which no traveler can easily find anything for himself.

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